Hemetic Trading Co.


Congrats on finding your way to The An& Brand website! We're a Cut.&.Sew operation based out of Stowe, VT. Our primary focus is in churning out unique products that prove American Manufacturing isn't dead. In fact, it's on the return as an ever growing number of brands are starting to realize the potential and importance of crafting their own goods. We like to think that we're a part of that growth, and that we're helping prove that American Manufacturing doesn't have to mean stuffy-high fashion pieces.

Unlike our peers, The An& Brand is driven by our wide range of influences; from hiking in the Green mountains, to digging through crates for old, dusty rap albums. We're an eclectic bunch, and we're out to prove that there's a place in the world for a brand that blurs stereotypes while maintaining a focus on responsible, practical manufacturing. After experiencing an An& Brand product, we're sure you'll agree.