On tour at an event in Ohio last Fall


The An& Brand is a Cut.&.Sew operation, currently located in Stowe, VT. We're currently in our fifth year, and we're just releasing our first duffle bag. This signifies a step in a new direction for An&, in which we'll be playing with new ideas, and pursing new ventures that we hope expand on the idea of what an American Brand is. Over the years, we've done everything from screen printing tee shirts, to sewing complex custom pieces. We've always prided ourselves as being a brand that's as house made as possible. Recently, we've revived our focus by zeroing in on the culture of hard work and self dependence here in Vermont.

However, once we turned the page and made it our mission to be a Made in Vermont company, we started noticing something. For the most part, American made products are either stuffy and expensive, or insanely cheesy. We feel like The An& Brand is the missing link here.. Our goal is to provide an option for people like us. People who want to buy American, who care about the environment, who respect nature, who love hip-hop, who are adventurers, and who don't want to go broke buying something as simple as a tee shirt. We believe our customers are eclectic and don't want any of the American Made products that are currently available. In our minds, there's no reason why American Made pieces can't incorporate ideas from streetwear, as well as vintage Americana, with the added benefit of being affordable.

And that is exactly why we made The An& Brand. Not only to prove that there is a need for variety within the American Made market, but also to answer that need and provide high quality goods to everyone who wants to buy from American businesses.